Welcome to Shiggles!

APimpNamedShane a
APimpNamedShane @ shiggles-mc.com
posted Dec 19, 18

Welcome to shiggles-mc.com. Please enjoy the server!

Shiggles started out as a small group of players (The Nerd Herd) who had played on other servers, but were unhappy about one thing or another when playing on those servers. We picked the most important features from the servers we had played on before and started building Shiggles.

The following plugins are installed:
* Armor Stand Editor
* Bottled EXP
* Chestshop
* CoreProtect
* CraftBay
* Craftbook
* DecoHeads
* Dynmap
* Emotes
* Essentials
* iDisguise
* Marriage Master
* Mob Arena (Coming Soon)
* Multiverse
* MyPet
* SimpleRename
* VillageInfo

We hope you enjoy playing Shiggles as much as we do.

Just remember the rules: Don't be a dick!

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izzilizzy Fun, small server - tight knit community. Good group of folks!!